Catharsis from Marco Alvarez of Last Rockstar Productions

Two men from the future, return to the past to witness a geo-cataclysmic event to prevent their time from suffering the same fate. Until one of them falls for a woman.

MZW Role: Camera operator, Audio recordist, Lighting/cinematography/grip, Location Scout, PA, additional editing


Lighting Bolton from Kevin Wells

MZW Role: Lighting/cinematography/grip, Actor, Craft Services




CUT IN HALF from AbstrktVolcanoFilm

MZW Role: Camera operator, Audio recordist/mixer, Line Production, Grip




Tofu and Steak Sauce (2014) Directed by Ryan Walker

MZW Role: Audio mixer/recordist, boom operator, additional set design, PA

For the Love of Food (2013) Directed by Cindy Hsieh

When struggling food journalist Mary meets “freegan” Graham, the two embark on a crafty food adventure that leads to hilarity and possibly something more.

MZW Role: Boom operator, additional set design


The Healing Power of Art (2013) Directed by Mariah Dunn

MZW Role: Additional Photography/Camera operator




A Weekend Groove Directed by Mariah Dunn


A Weekend Groove is just that, a weekend with the band, Perpetual Groove, on their Winter 2012 Tour. The documentary reveals a sneak peak into what it is like to be on tour with the band. A Weekend Groove is part concert footage and part intimate visits to the band member’s homes in Athens, GA while they gear up for the next leg of the tour.

***Official Selection Cucalorus Film Festival 2012***

MZW Role: Additional photography/camera operator, Audio mixing, AC




In Dog We Trust Directed by Wil Davis


This is a short narrative film produced for completion of the UNCG MFA program in film & video production. It is about Nancy, an elderly woman who is struggling with her Christian faith, and ultimately, who finds companionship elsewhere.

MZW Role: Audio Recordist, Dog Wrangler




Degrees of Lucky 5.4.12 Directed by Cindy Hsieh


UNCG 2nd Year MFA Practicum Film: "Degrees of Lucky" explores the natural human tendency to envy that which is not yours. Following different lives as they intersect, the truth is revealed behind the saying: "the grass is always greener."

MZW Role: Audio mixer/recordist



Nite Lite from Mariah Dunn

An experimental film that takes you on an unexpected journey into the night. UNCG Spring 2011 Practicum Film

Carrboro Film Festival Official Selection
*Best Student Film Award

Cucalorus Film Festival Official Selection

Black Bear Film Festival Official Selection

Onecloud Fest Official Selection

Columbia Gorge International Film Festival Official Selection

MZW Role: Light Drawings, Actor


FLAT (16mm, 2010) Directed by Ryan Walker

MZW Role: Actor, general sabotage



Linda Stine from Brandi Berry

 MZW Role: Co Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Audio Recordist, Associate Editor